Rental Facilities

Pendleton King Park has several facilities available for rental by the public. No matter the size of your gathering, we are sure we have a space that will acomodate your event and your budget. Family reunions, church and civic gatherings, weddings, birthdays and a variety of other celebrations are regularly hekld in the park. All of our rental facilities are managed by the City of Augusta, if you would like more information on renting any of the below facilities please call (706) 796-5025 during regular business hours or visit the city website for more information. 

Franke Pavilion

Approx. Seating - 200 theater style or 125 with tables (Tables & chairs included with rental)
The new $115,000 pavilion at Pendleton King Park was dedicated on 11/20/1986.  Mayor Charles A. DeVaney presented a plaque of dedication to Naomi H. “Nopi” Barnard in recognition of her efforts to obtain the necessary funding for the construction of the pavilion.  Mrs. Bernard served as trustee on the Pendleton King Park Commission.  The pavilion which includes a raised stage, covered viewing area, kitchen, dressing rooms and a restroom can be used for small public performance and private events such as family reunions, receptions, concerts etc.  The pavilion was later named the Franke Pavilion in honor of the past president of the Pendleton King Foundation Board of Directors and is now referred to by that name.

Picnic Shelter

4 Picnic Tables, 1 Grill & Water Access
The picnic shelter is a great rental for birthday parties, family reunions, summer cookouts and a variety of other gatherings. Located in the heart of the park near the Franke Pavillion, and provides easy access to all the amenities the park has to offer and includes a grill and picnic tables for use during your event. It was built in 1970 using a donation of $3,500 from the Jr. Women’s Club of Augusta.

Hydrangea Garden & Pergola

Approx. Seating - 100 theater style or 60 with tables (Not Included)

The Hydrangea Garden features over 150 varieties of hydrangea. The upper part of the gardens is home to a beautiful wooden pergola which may be rented for small gatherings, concerts, wedding ceremonies, and more! 



Blue Garden & Gazebo

Approx. Seating - 

A beautiful gazebo sits inside the blue garden. Barbara Botts established the attractive gazebo overlooking the arboretum in memory of her husband, Bert Botts. Mr. Botts was a long time PKP Foundation member and was responsible for much of the early work in the park.  This lovely gazebo overlooks a panorama of trees in the Pendleton King Park Arboretum.   The arboretum was established in 1987 and features identified trees that can be grown in the Augusta area. Many of the trees in the Arboretum were donated in honor or in memory of someone by organizations or individuals. An expanse of lawn was seeded to give the arboretum an Old English theme. The Pendleton King Park Foundation together with the City of Augusta have a working partnership that has repeatedly broken new ground in the advancement of urban forestry in Augusta. The gazebo creates the perfect backdrop for weddings and other small gatherings. 



Touch and Smell Garden: 

The Touch and Smell Garden provides a whimsical backdrop for events throughout the year. Interested in renting this space? Contact the city of Augusta for more information!