The Bark Park

A Fun Place for Your Pups!

The PKP Bark park was funded by sales of hydrangeas by Hydrangea Garden volunteers. The Bark Park was opened in 2009  and contains a small dog section and a large dog section and has an area designed for unleashing dogs. PKP pups and their owners enjoy annual events such as Barktoberfest and Woofstock where pooches have an opportunity to don costumes and play doggie games such as “elimination sit” for prizes. The Bark Park  also includes some Agility equipment for the dogs.

Additional Notes:

  • Water is available for pups during play
  •  Recycled grocery bags can be found in the decorated mailboxes around the park
  • Dog Owners are responsible for policing the dog park
  • Park Patrons are expected to clean up after their dogs

Visit the PKP Bark Park website for more information.

How can you and your pup have fun at the Bark Park? Find more information here