A DAY IN THE PARK | May 2018
On May 5th we hosted "A Day in the Park" a celebration of the community efforts to help save our park over the course of the last several months! We are so appreciative of the effort poured into protecting the park for generations to come and we are pleased to say our park has been saved! Thanks to everyone that came out to celebrate with us. See some of the event photos below. 

Master Gardener Plant Sale | May 2018

Our annual Master Gardener Plant sale was a success! Check out photos from this year's event below, we hope to see you all there again next year.


Annual Master Gardener Plant Sale

The First Saturday in May, annuallyThe Pendleton King Park Plant Sale is an exciting, fun event held at the Franke Pavilion on the first Saturday of May starting at 9 am. People are invited to trade, buy, or sell plants. Individuals of all ages come to share their favorite plants and their gardening wisdom. 

Participants may trade plants with other gardeners at the Trading Area. They can also purchase plants at the Selling Area. Gardeners and garden clubs are invited to sell plants and gardening items. All participants are asked to attach cards to their plants identifying them and indicating the light and moisture requirements of the plants. 

Master Gardeners are on hand to help identify plants and answer questions about caring for them. The Plant Swap and Sale started in 1997 and has gained popularity and participants each succeeding year.

Regular Park Events